About Our Store

Welcome to the North Woods!

Here the water is cold, the campfire is warm, and the vittles are so good, you might want to kick back and loosen your belt.

We take pride in doing things the old-fashioned way. We're still in the original store, started back in the 30's. We've considered building a new store over the years, but folks keep telling us how much they like the old store. Come on in and stroll around. Help yourself to a free cup of coffee and a cookie from the bakery.

Check out the wide variety of products we carry. Besides stocking up for a week at the lake, don't forget a 50-pound bag of corn from the feed room, a couple of smoked hog's ears for the pups, and some barley pop from our liquor store. Take your time and chat for awhile. We like to hear your fish stories!

We're and old-fashioned grocery store and we're proud to offer:

  • Complete grocery store
  • In-store bakery
  • Full line of beer and liquor
  • A dollar store
  • Full-service butcher shop
  • Beef jerky outlet section
  • Bulk livestock feed store
  • Imported Canadian jams
  • Over 40 varieties of Wisconsin cheese